Who We Are

Blueberry International is a brand communication agency and event management dedicated to supplying our clients with creative solutions, strategic planning and flawless production and execution of their events & product marketing.The company has made an impact on the events & exhibition industry in the middle east and India. The company has been working with some of the world’s top brands such as Panasonic, Unilever,Kenwood,Braun,Vodafone,Etisalat, Landmark Group,Dlf Mall,Grand Venice Mall to name a few.

Event Management is not rocket science but it definitely takes a certain skill set; namely an obsessive attention to detail and organizations keen eye for aesthetics, countless hours of planning and the ability to think on your feet to find solutions to problems that will always pop up on site.

It’s called experience. You get only one shot to get everything right and it has to be perfect! This is the spirit on which Blueberry International was founded. To build on past successes and continue to provide faultless delivery to clients who expect a complete success from their projects. We have a fantastic team of experienced people with dedication and passion for what we do.

Meet the Team

Ashwani Singh Rathore


Divya Singh Rathore


Zina Magdi